What YOU Can Do To Help AHEART

A Bridge To Success

With your support we can build a bridge to success. Nothing is too small and NO one is insignificant. The more hands, the faster the Bridge is built; so that we all can cross over to Success in being a blessing and saving our babies.

Baby Showers


AHEART thrives on the donations from community individuals like you! The majority of everything we give out has been donated through a baby shower.  Imagine AHEART as your friend that's about to give birth and is in need.  You gather friends and family, cook a nice light meal, search for games and a venue and host a shower...donating all the gifts.  
This is what an AHEART Baby Shower is all about.  You gather friends, set a menu and venue (could be your house, organizations building, or church).  AHEART brings a presentation and games along with prizes and fun raffles. It's a small way to donate BIG to AHEART babies! Click Here for more information. 

Be A Volunteer

AHEART needs volunteers in various aspects such as office help, health fair liaisons, and event volunteers.  We can not do what we do without people like you! Whether you or your group can volunteer to help organize our inventory or you can only volunteer one day per month. Even if it's just a couple of hours or temporary. Consider donating your time. Contact us today! 

Become a Partner

Since AHEART is not funded, our volunteers graciously give out of their own pockets to supplement marketing, office expenses and other administrative costs.  Because volunteers aren't permanent we sometimes lose our ability to keep up with expenses to run the office.  If we haven't had any host a baby shower, then we are also in need of diapers and wipes, sometimes clothing too! 

By becoming a partner, which means sending us a $25 annual donation, we have the ability to keep up with costs.  This is just a small way you can donate BIG to AHEART.  Every little bit counts.  Click here to donate. 

Tell The World

Use your sphere of influence and let them know about AHEART.  We are still trying to become a household name as well as a local organization that the community is aware of.  We need your help to spread the word about our services.  Let your doctors, churches, religious facilities, business employees, jobs and organizations know what we do for the community.