Are You Looking For Assistance?


Who can receive aide?

AHEART is open to families with infants and children under age 2 that are in serious need. We do not enroll infants at or after the age of two.  The infant services will stop when the infant turns 2 and are therefore able to receive assistance from the state and other local agencies. Anyone 21 and under will automatically be qualified to enroll in our program. The mother and father of the child are both allowed to receive assistance separately and/or collectively once every 30 days. Participants must bring in their child and a referral to receive assistance. Families that are in extreme need and do not have a referral, but can get one (by their next visit) are eligible for the AHEART B.U.R.P program. Families still will need to bring in their baby. 

Who can write referrals?

AHEART accepts referrals written on letterhead from agencies like DYFS, hospitals, partnered churches, partnered social service agencies, and doctor offices.  Agencies are also able to use the AHEART Referral form located in the forms tab on the website. Without a referral from one of these organizations, a participant can only receive emergency assistance once, but must have their child present on their visit.

What can I receive?

AHEART gives out any items that relate to infants, but only what we have in stock.  This includes but is not limited to diapers, wipes, clothing, bedding, hygiene products, cribs, car seats, shoes, blankets, hats, diaper bags, medical kits, coats, swing sets, pack and plays, and pacifiers.


How often can I receive aide?

At AHEART, a participant will be allowed to receive assistance in the form of necessary infant clothing, formula, diapers, wipes, bottles, and other basic essentials once every 30 days.  Furniture such as cribs, high chairs, car seats, swing sets, etc will be given out first come first serve as long as participants have completed one class within 30 days.  Participants must make an appointment with the receptionist to come in and must bring in their child to receive aide.

What type of classes must I take?

AHEART will provide educational classes on a variety of topics such as alcohol & drug abuse, smoking prevention, math, reading, resume writing, as well as crafting (and more).  Our aim is to build a stepping stone for participants to better themselves and not become a family service agency that gives "hand-outs". In order to continue receiving aide, participants MUST attend one class within 30 days.  

Can I receive aid while pregnant?

Aid is given to women 1-2 weeks before their child is born.  AHEART representatives will pack a baby bag with basic needs such as formula, wipes, diapers, blankets, bibs, bottles, clothing, and more.  The mother or a family member is responsible for picking up the bag. An application must be filled out prior to receiving the items. 

Are there other ways I can receive aide through AHEART?

Periodically, AHEART will host mass giveaways for the public.  These events are open to anyone in need with an infant 2 and under.  All items related to infants will be given away regardless of enrollment in our agency, income, or prior aide given. If a participant is near their appointment for receiving assistance, we reserve the right to ask that they hold off until the event, however diapers and wipes will be given at their scheduled appointment. This event also requires the participant to bring in their child to receive assistance.