Baby Urgency Response Program

The B.U.R.P program is designed to help families who have experienced a crisis such as a fire. It can also be used for families who have suddenly obtained an infant and are unable to immediately afford necessary items.

Most commonly, we use this program for expecting mothers. Two weeks before a mother’s due date, we will give them a baby bag packed with clothing, diapers, wipes, and other infant items. 

This program aims to build relationships with the Police and Fire Departments, Social Service agencies and any other agencies that may respond to emergency situations involving infants. We want them to be supplied with infant products and clothing in case they come across an infant that has nothing or has lost everything and is in dire need. Many stores that provide infant items are closed or too far away to obtain in the midnight hours.


If you believe you are a candidate for emergency assistance, call 1-800-376-4616 or email us