Ways You Can Help

Everyday babies are being born into the system. Let us impact our own communities and then go abroad. It is important to support missions around the world but charity must begin at home.

AHEART gives everyone a chance to make some kind of impact in their communities on whatever level. Something as little as a baby shower can impact the life of many needed children.

The startling fact is that 80% of the prison population is made up of inmates that were fully or partially raised in foster care. Every state in the United States is facing challenges within their foster care systems.

Countless horror stories are being told by young people who have lived with ongoing abuse and neglect even after being removed from their families. We must be a voice on behalf of these children and advocate for their rights! We must bring these sad and horrible conditions to the forefront and encourage individuals to get involved and make a difference.

Please join in our efforts and make a donation to a baby at risk of never having a family of their own.

Please join in our efforts and make a donation to a baby at risk of never having a family of their own.

Send a Bucket of Love

Our Bucket of Love Campaign is a fundraising opportunity where we fill up buckets with a lovely assortment of infant supplies that will be given out in emergencies. Your financial contribution will be used in full to benefit babies and toddlers in crisis. You can sponsor a Bucket of Love by making a donation to AHEART in one of the following amounts: $10, $25 or $50

Donate Online

Or send a check made payable to: AHEART      

Tax Receipts Given for All Donations

Support AHEART Ministries

Sadly, The Reliance Foundation & A.H.E.A.R.T. non profit organization aiding Infants and Children in crisis has lost most of it’s funding.  After the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, The Reliance Foundation and A.H.E.A.R.T provided emergency supplies to over 200 local families. These numbers continue to grow because many Atlantic County residents are still displaced requiring additional assistance and support.

A.H.E.A.R.T. has become Atlantic County’s exclusive donation location for infants and children receiving large donations of formula, wipes, diapers, infant clothing, car seats, strollers and other supplies through partnerships with social organizations including the Red Cross, Good Shepherd Church, United Way and The Jewish Community Center. Families in crisis can come to the A.H.E.A.R.T. Family Service Center to get emergency supplies and necessary items to prevent infant mortality, at no charge. Your cash donation would help us to overcome the financial obstacles that present themselves when running a charitable organization.

Other ways that you can help

  • Host a baby shower or a daddy gift exchange
  • Donate new or like new baby items (See list)
  • Donate Gift Certificates or Coupons
  • Become a Special Hearts volunteer or mentor
  • Be a voice in court for a baby or child through your local CASA Program
  • Become an adoptive/foster parent