Did You Know?

Every Single Day…

  • 1,153 babies are born to teen mothers in New Jersey
  • 2,411 babies are born into poverty
  • Each year over 2,000 babies are born in prison
  • 2,494 babies are born to mothers that don’t have a high school diploma
  • 28,440 infants under age 1 died in the United States – about 78 die each day
  • Approximately 650 children in New Jersey die before their first birthday

We partner with hospitals, health care providers and women in our community to make them aware of these health problems to work towards solutions.

Because Babies Can’t Wait!


More Statistics on Incarcerated Parents:

  • More than 125,000 children are annually affected by paternal incarceration.
  • Paternal rights are rarely considered in relations to fathers at sentencing.
  • An inmate is six (6) times less likely to re-offend if kept in-touch with their families yet 49 of 139 (35%) prisons still have no visitor centers.
  • 11,000 prisoners are held more than 100 miles away from home.
  • 50% of all young inmates will never, never, never see their children.
  • Parental involvement at age 7 significantly and independently predicts higher educational attainment by age 20 for both boys and girls.